Jaffna Public Library

Jaffna Public Library is located in Jaffna, Tamil Eelam. It is one of Jaffna's most notable landmarks, and is run by the Jaffna Municipal Council. The library was built in 1933 and burnt by the Sinhalese in 1981. The burning of the Jaffna Public Library was an important event in the civil war between the Tamil people and the Sri Lankan government. It left a deep impact on Tamil people who perceived it as an attack on their identity and as a cultural. During the early 1980s, it was one of the biggest libraries in Asia, containing over 97,000 books and manuscripts. The office of the Eelanaadu, a local newspaper was also destroyed. Statues of Tamil cultural and religious figures were destroyed. In 2001, rehabilitation of the library was completed, with new structure being built and new books received, although its old books and manuscripts were not replaced. It is Sri Lanka's second main public Library only rivaled by the Library in Colombo. District : Jaffna Location : Tamil Eelam About : • The building's classical lines and beautiful proportions make it stand out architecturally • It contains lush gardens and has been modernized with new facilities such as free-wifi that was added in 2016 .

District: Jaffna

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