Nilavarai bottomless well

Many people believe this well doesn't have a bottom. While discover the body of an elderly male in the well, Sri Lankan Navy found the bottom of the well. According to the information board at Nilavarai bottomless well, a recent expedition carried out by the divers of Sri Lankan Navy with an automated robot, managed to find the bottom of this mysterious well at the deep of 52.5 Meters. Later they discovered several tunnels , located at different levels, which lead toward different directions and some say the one tunnel is connected to Keerimalai Pond. The naval expedition further revealed that the first 18.3 meters of the well contains fresh water while the water after this point is deemed to be salty as it runs down. The navy divers were also able to find debris of three carts fallen in to the well. The well is treated to be a rare gift of mother nature and a place of iconic importance which attracts thousands of local and foreign travelers due to its resounding legends. District : Nothern Province,Jaffna Location : Puttur,Navakiri Tamil Eelam History : Some stories say Nilavarai Bottomless well is related to Ramayana. According to the story, Sita was captured by Ravana and load Rama came with an army of monkeys to the island and fight with Ravana to save Sita. When they come to north part of Tamil Eelam Sita got thirsty. So Rama worship Lord Shiva and threw his arrow through the earth and got water for Sita. After that, Lord Rama built "Navasaileswarar" Temple and worshipped Lord Shiva.The old Navasaileswarar temple has been destroyed by the Portuguese. The Statues of the temple was hidden by the villages on a well. This new temple was built on 1948. Also we can find a ruined building on the left side of Bottomless well.

District: Jaffna

Weather:31 - 30

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31 - 30