Myliddi Kannaki Amman Kovil

Silapathikaram, the literary work of Ilango Adigal describes the poor life of Kannaki with her husband merchant Kovalan, who lost his all wealth during his life with a lavish courtesan dancer called Madhavi and travelled to Madurai to start a new life. While kovalan selling anklets of Kannaki for money in Madurai, he was misunderstood as the thief of Pandya queen's anklet and beheaded by King's order without any inquiries. Kannaki became furious and advocates at the court of the King and by breaking the anklets, she proves that anklet seized from Kovalan is hers. Pandya King shocked and died while Kannaki took an oath to express her chastity by burning the City, Madurai. Then, she wanders towards west and at Neduvel Kunram. She became a celestial goddess. District : Northern Province,Jaffna Location : Myliddi,Tamileelam About : The annual festival of Myliddy Kannagi Amman temple has been held uninterruptedly since 2013 by devotees with the assistance of the SFHQ-J that made necessary renovation to it. Deputy Minister Mrs. Vijayakala Mahesvaran, Commander Major General Jagath Alwis and government officials also took part in both ceremonies.

District: Jaffna

Weather:31 - 30


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31 - 30