Piddi Amman kovil Navaly

Piddi amman kovil is popular temple in Navaly. Its located in the paddy area ,500 meters from Kalaiyodai Kannaki amman kovil. Jaffna, the main city of Jaffna district (until the year 1824, the district was called Waligama) of the Northern Province. It is located in the northernmost peninsula of Tamil Eelam. The Jaffna district is one of the 25 districts organized into the nine provinces, an artificial creation of the Colonial British (1815-1948) for the purposes of administration of the Island of Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon. NNavaly or Navaaly is a town in the Jaffna District of Tamil Eelam and it is located about 8 km from Jaffna District : Northern Province,Jaffna Location : Navaly,Tamileelam About : The present structure was built during 1720 to 1790 after the ancient structure was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1620. The temple attracts around 1000 visitors a day, and approximately 5000 visitors during festivals.

District: Jaffna

Weather:31 - 30


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31 - 30