Jaffna Fort

The Jaffna fort is located in the busy part of Jaffna and at a distance of 5 minutes walk from the famous Jaffna Library. This fort is the second largest fort of the Island was and built by Portuguese and then developed by Dutch. The pentagonal shaped castle is covered by moat in a star shape and initially built in the 1600’s under the supervision of Philip De Olivera. Jaffna fort is declared as the large military castle because of its geometrical shape and physical structures developed for high defense. Portuguese, Dutch, British, Sri Lankan army and their opposition party used the fort as military administrative building during the battles. Governor's residence, Queen's House, the church of Our Lady of Miracles and the veranda are the evidence for the architectural works that prevailed that time. Many of the buildings were severely damaged in the civilian war and now renovated with the help of Dutch fund. Buildings inside the fort include the Governor's residence (King's House), Queen's House, Kruys Church, the Garrison Parade Ground, Police quarters and several other buildings from the Portuguese era.

District: Jaffna

Weather:31 - 30


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31 - 30