The Keerimalai Hot Spring is a natural spring lying on the northern coast of Jaffna, next to the weat sea of Palaaly. A bathing tank is built around this spring and a wall separates the water of the spring and the sea. This spring is situated so close to the sea but still manages to get fresh water from an underground fresh water source. It is not a hot water spring, but the water is definitely very soothing. The spring is built like a swimming pool and it is a very different experience to take a bath at this place. The ethereal feel of the water is exemplified by the pleasant weather of this area. You can always spot army helicopters flying overhead. The spring is surrounded by stone steps, like in a swimming pool, which makes it quite safe. Keerimalai translates to ‘mongoose hill’ in the regional vernacular of Tamil. This refers to the local legend of a sage cursed with a face likened to a mongoose, who was later cured upon immersing themselves in the healing waters of the Keerimalai Sacred Water Spring. Just next door, is also the Keerimalai Naguleswaram Kovil, dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva, who is worshipped as the destroyer of evil. Dating back over thousands of years, it is said that the same cursed sage established this kovil in gratitude of the adjacent pond’s healing powers. District : Nothern Province,Jaffna Location : Keerimalai, Tamil Eelam About : Keerimalai is a natural spring lying next to the sea west of Palaly. A bathing tank is built surrounding this pool and only the walls separate the waters of the spring and the sea. Although the tank is so close to the sea, the water is fresh coming from an underground fresh water spring in Tellipallai-Maviddapuram. The water is not hot. It is said this underwater water source also connects to the Nilavarai bottomless Well which lies over 10km away from here. This spring is popular among the Hindus for the miraculous powers it holds.

District: Jaffna

Weather:31 - 30

Category: PONDS & WELLS

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31 - 30