Lahugala Kitulana National Park

Often famed for being one of the smallest National Park in Sri Lanka, Lahugala Kithulana National Park is a very important habitat for Elephants and endemic birds. Its untouched and pure environment is an area of about 5131 hectares, and holds the Lahugala Tank, a source of life to the many living forms in the abode. When visiting, be sure to stick close to your tour guide, and pay attention to the wildlife experts as they guide you along the paths where you will discover the wonder of wildlife in Sri Lanka. District : Ampara Location : Tamil Eelam About : Originally it was designated as a wildlife sanctuary on July 1 of 1966. Then the protected area was upgraded to a national park on October 31 of 1980. Lahugala Kitulana is situated 318 km east of Colombo. This national park is traditionally used by elephants as a feeding ground.A herd of 150 individuals is attracted by Sacciolepis interrupta grass which is common around the Lahugala tank. Endemic toque macaque, tufted gray langur, sloth bear, golden jackal, rusty-spotted cat, fishing cat, Sri Lanka leopard, wild boar, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan axis deer, Sri Lankan sambar deer, Indian pangolin and Indian hare are the other mammals found in the park.

District: Ampara

Weather:31 - 30


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31 - 30