Kalvari Malai

The Kalvari is located in the Komarasankulam, Vavuniya District, Northern Province. The Kalvari of Vavuniya is a famous shrine for the Northern Christians. Especially during the Lent season pilgrims from all over the country climb up the hill to conduct their rituals and to participate in the Way of the Cross. There are fifteen life size statues which express the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the place is where pilgrims can experience a good spiritual surrounding. In 2014, eight statues out of fifteen were destroyed by some unwanted people but now those all were rebuilt and maintained well. Vavuniya District is positioned in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. According recent census results the ethnic ratio says that Tamils occupy more percentage and the rest filled by Sinhalese & Moors. Cultivation is the main source of income while other industries provide job industries for the livelihood. As the all religion lives in, the district is filled with famous historical religious architectural structures. District : Northern Province,Vavuniya Location : Komarasankulam,Tamileelam pilgrims : Many pilgrims visit Kalvari of Vavuniya to full fill their spiritual thirsty. The place is easy to access and many pilgrims travel as assemblage.

District: Vavuniya

Weather:31 - 30

Category: CHURCHES

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31 - 30