Crocodile rock

Crocodile Rock is today a tourist destination for its view of the pristine beaches of the east but unknown to many some drip ledge caves, rock cut steps and ruins of an ancient stupa can be found on this rock. The beach below this rock is a popular surfing point. District : Eastern Province Ampara Location : Panama, Tamil Eelam About : “Small rock (crocodile rock) with drip ledged caves, flight of steps, ruins of an ancient stupa at coastal belt situated towards east from Shasthrawela Vihara premises Shasthrawela village in Grama Niladari Division No. PP 06 Panama North in the Divisional Secretary’s Division, Lahugala in Ampara District in Eastern Province. (latitude 06º 80998′ N and longitude 081º 82424′ E).”

District: Ampara

Weather:31 - 30


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31 - 30