Water Tank Destroyed

The city of Kilinochchi used to be the de facto capital Vanni (or Wanni). A swath of territory in the North of Tamil Eelam that was controlled by the militant LTTE organization (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), also known as the Tamil Tigers. District : Kilinochchi Location : TamilEelam About : The city’s size did increase and decrease through 30 years of the civil war fought by LTTE and the Sri Lankan Army. Toward the end of the war in 2009, shortly before the Army regained control and liberated Kilinochchi, an LTTE contingent bombed the water tower that provided water to the whole city. To see it today the size of the fallen tower is daunting, especially so because it now lies on the ground, dwarfing the nearby buildings The A9 road which links the North and the South of Tamil Eelam, cuts right through Kilinochchi. The city has recovered from the war, or at least its infrastructure has, but the destroyed water tower remains; in 2014 it was fenced off and turned into a monument, a stark reminder of what the civil war left behind. Traveling in a northbound direction, the water tower is on the righthand side of the road. Given its size, it is impossible to miss.

District: Killinochchi

Weather:31 - 30


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31 - 30