Ancient Horse Stables delft - Jaffna

The largest and picturesque island of the Jaffna District, when compare among the other 7 islands, is the Delft or Neduntheevu island. The island is nearly 43km from Jaffna city. The travelers have to travel via Kurikadduwan jetty, to reach the island from Jaffna. Boat services are also available on a specific time schedule. The island was named as Neduntheevu and later it was called Delft by Dutch. Although it a sunny land, a cool breeze can be felt with the help of sea and palmyrah trees. The horse stables was used by the colonial kingdoms. At the entrance to the horse stables, a large foot print can be seen and it is believed that the foot step is owned by a 40ft height man. The horse stable is used to breed horses during that time. There were 64 pillars and each side of the hut contains 32 pillars. The horses were tied to those pillars. The length of the hut is nearly 100m. The colonial kingdom engaged in trade with other countries using those horses. Now, also the tourists can view the ponies which roam the land and the natives believed that they are the descendants of colonial period horses. Although the Island is somewhat remote area, there are many spots to visit. Pigeon Holes, Dutch Fortress, Ruined Pagoda, The Baobab Tree, The Growing Stone, The Banyan Tree and beautiful scenic beach. District : Jaffna Location : Tamil Eelam For Travellers : The travelers have to schedule their time according to the boat schedule.

District: Jaffna

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31 - 30